Steam Room

Why not try combining a massage with some time in the Steam Room for deeper relaxation and a therapeutic benefit? Feel stress melt away as you rest in our private Steam Room, an excellent way to begin your spa experience. Steaming before a massage or facial can increase the benefits by warming and relaxing your muscles and tissues before the treatment. Your skin emerges revived and refreshed.

Benefits of Steaming

Relieves tension –  Heat from the steam soothes your nerve endings and warms and relaxes your muscles. Steaming helps relieve joint pain and arthritis.

Reduces stress – Steaming causes the body to release endorphins, or “feel good” chemicals, reducing stress feelings. After steaming, you will feel rejuvenated.

Clears the skin – Steaming helps clear impurities through sweat and can act as an acne treatment. It also improves circulation throughout the body.

Opens the sinuses – Wet heat opens membranes and thins mucous fluids in your body, sinuses, throat and lungs. Loosening mucous can be felt immediately. After entering the steam your breathing feels clearer.

Removes toxins – Sweating relieves the body of waste products and sitting in a steam room for as little as 20 minutes, rids the body of an entire day’s worth of sweat and all of the toxins that come with it.

Treats cardiovascular disease – When you’re in a steam room, your body reacts to the heat and humidity in a way similar to mild exercise. This gets your heart pumping, exercising the muscle without exhausting it, making it stronger without risking injury or  disease.

Promotes healthy blood flow – Capillaries dilate when exposed to the heat of a steam room, so blood flows freely and easily through the whole body, transporting oxygen everywhere you need it and leaving you feeling refreshed.

Post-workout relaxation– Muscles need to be relaxed and stretched after they are exercised in order to promote healthy recovery. When muscles are worked out, their tiny fibers break apart. When the fibers heal, the muscle gains mass and becomes stronger. This process is expedited in a hot environment.

Massage Therapy

Massages aren’t just relaxing, they are associated with many health benefits when performed by a licensed professional. Many scientific studies prove, through blood tests, that regular massages reduce inflammation, help with auto-immune conditions, decrease stress hormones, boost the immune system, and increase dopamine and serotonin.

Benefits of Massage

Ease Pain – 80% of Americans will suffer back pain. Studies show that a massage greatly reduces back pain and stiffness, and improves range of motion.

Curb Depression and Anxiety – Massages reduce the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lower blood pressure, improved mood, and a sense of well being.

Improve Sleep – People often drift during a massage, and there’s a reason for  it! The relaxation from a massage induces Delta waves, those linked with deep sleep. Your body remembers this the next time you lie down.

Boost Immune System – Research shows that massages increase white blood cell count, combating disease and boosting your immune system.

Raise Alertness – In one study, those receiving a 15 minute massage were more alert and completed math questions faster than those not receiving massage.

Beauty Benefits – Massages lead to increased blood flow, plumping your skin for a youthful, healthy appearance.

Ultimate Foot Treatment

A revitalizing, hydrating and healing treatment to promote healthy feet. Feet are treated to an exfoliation, hot towels, a deeply hydrating aloha mask and a tension relieving foot and calf massage. While your feet are hydrating as they are wrapped in the aloha mask, you receive a relaxing neck and scalp massage.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Warm signature herbal oil applied to your skin helps relax the body while smooth, hot basalt rocks are used to melt knotted muscles. The deep, penetrating heat combines with the intuitive touch of the therapist to melt away tension. Customize the massage based on your individual needs. Massages can focus on relaxation, deep tissue or treatment.

A variety of modalities are used to relieve muscle tension and troublesome aches. It’s not only a great way to feel good, it can enhance physical performance, help prevent injury, improve circulation and reduce stress. You are on your way to well being with this therapy.

Body Polishes and Wraps

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, serving as a protective barrier and expelling toxins through sweat and oil. In developing these treatments, we have taken into consideration the permeable nature of the skin as well as its many functions in order to select products that exfoliate, cleanse, and strengthen it naturally.


Our custom, signature facials combine the benefits of exfoliation, oxygenation and stimulation of the skin using organic, vitamin rich products, full of antioxidants, to help you achieve a revitalized complexion.

Spa Packages

We have created these combination treatments that work well together, are economical, and make great gifts.